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Let’s Create a website for free in 5 minutes!

Are you planning to start a blog? or want to learn how to create a website but do not want to get into all the technical stuff, Well you’re in luck because there is so much software available on the internet that does not require you to have technical knowledge. You don’t need to learn HTML or PHP to build your website, even a kid can build one it’s that easy. If you go to which is a freelancer’s portal and search “create a website” you will find freelancers charging more than $100 USD, Why would you waste your money on them when you can easily create your own website that too free of cost.

What do you need to create a website?

  • Domain – This is your website name like
  • Hosting – This is where all our website files will be stored
  • Time – Will take 5 minutes so please bear with me

Domain and Host

Let’s start with the first step that is getting a domain, that is your site address. Basically, we will be getting subdomains and not a primary domain as in this article we will be using free services.

What is a Subdomain?
To understand the subdomain, first understand what primary domain is, a primary domain is while a subdomain will look like your subdomain will be followed by the primary domain under which the subdomain is created.

In this article, we are going to use the free hosting services provider 000webhost.
So Click on this link to go to their website.
(If it doesn’t work Click on the banner shown below)



1. The first step is to register yourself on their website so go ahead do it.

Screenshot 2 1

If you don’t find sign up button click here

2. After Signup, you will be greeted with a screen displayed below

Screenshot 4

> Click “Take me to the cpanel”

3. Now give your website a name (This will be your domain or site address) and password

Screenshot 5

4. Now select WordPress.

Screenshot 6

5. Give admin password

Screenshot 8

6. After installation is finished you will be redirected to configuration page like this:

Screenshot 9

7. Click On “Goto configuration page” You will be redirected to this page:

Screenshot 10

Congratulations! Your website is up and running, to check just click on your website name at the top left corner it will redirect you to your website.

Have you created your first website? Post your Website link in the comments below.

In the next part we will be designing the website, So stay tuned.

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