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    Add new Post in WordPress

    In the previous article, we’ve learned how to create a website and how to Install WordPress themes and customize it as per our requirements. In this article, we will learn to add new post in WordPress

    By now, you have visited your website quite a few times just to pat yourself for building a website that the majority will pay to get.

    But without any content your website is nothing, we must add some valuable content to our website so that it can provide some value to your readers.

    As a beginner, you have to work hard writing as much article as you can, that is the best way to make a value for your readers.

    But do not write anything, do not put crap on your blog, you have to keep it clean.

    Remember it is your business place where your customer visits, make sure you give them the user experience that delights them and turn them into a loyal customer.

    So for that, we must learn how to add a new post in WordPress.

    Let’s add new post in WordPress!

    1. Adding New Post In WordPress


    Now we’ve added new post in WordPress successfully, Read further to learn the basics of posting an article in WordPress.

    2. Adding Blocks

    2.1. Adding Title and Heading


    A Title is different from a heading, a Title displays the subject of your post. It tells the reader what this post is about.

    A heading can do the same, but a title is a catchy line that attracts the reader while providing him with a piece of brief information about what this article is all about.

    Whereas a heading provides brief information of the paragraph which is licked to it.

    Headings are available in the range of H1 to H6 in WordPress Block Editor, because it will help us create a table of content at the end.

    Use the H1 heading tag for the first most important Heading of your post and then continue further descend.

    2.2. Adding Pictures and Adjusting Size


    Adding Pictures is essential for a great article as it attracts the readers to engage in the content as well makes your article attractive.

    You can add the picture as shown in the GIF, but if you don’t find any picture in your media library just upload it, I have shown you the upload tab too.

    If your picture has detailed information (Like these GIF) that you wish to make clearly visible to readers then select “full size” from the right sidebar.So that if they click on the picture they can get an enlarged view.

    2.3. Adding Dotted or Numbered List


    You will be using this block quite a few times, be it dotted or numbered list WordPress make it super easy to add one in your post.

    2.4. Adding Spacer Inbetween Blocks


    Adding space in-between blocks makes your post beautiful and organized, Put extra effort to make your content easily readable.

    Spacing between blocks ensures your article doesn’t turn into a mess.

    2.5. Adding Paragraph and Adjusting Font Size


    The paragraph is the main content body of your article, write the content keeping in mind that someone will be reading this.

    So try to make your paragraph content interesting and brief.

    Explore and Develop your own style of writing that will be the identity that will get you, loyal readers.

    No one can be perfect, Everyone is learning every day, so start writing do not let competition scare you, you will better content on the internet on the same topic you are writing on.

    But start writing and you will find out how your website will generate great traffic, I will show you how can we set up google analytics to monitor the site’s traffic.

    Google Analytics is a great tool by which you will get to know your customer for the benefit of your blog, to provide them with more valuable content to the readers.

    I hope you have understood how to add a new posts in WordPress, and start writing and publish your articles.

    I will be very happy to check out your articles post them in comments.

    Also, share this article if you found it helpful!

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