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Well, you’ve come to the right place as in this article we will be creating a blog using google’s own blogging platform Blogger. Blogger is super easy yet super powerful and for me gives more features as compared to its competitor

If you have used WordPress you must be frustrated with the locked plugin, WordPress charge you for additional plugins, Want to unlock them? Click here!

The best thing about Blogger is you can customize it the way you want it to be. You can use Templates to change the layout of your blog and there are tons of pre-designed templates available on the internet you search for it.

If you create a blog on blogger you can install various extensions on chrome to serve them on your blogger blog.

Although a self-hosted blog would be the best option if you plan for a long term blogging, I have made a separate guide for it check here.

Blogger is super easy to Monetize while does not permit monetization on its platform.

If You want to read the comparison between both of the platform click here.

It takes hardly two minutes to create a blog on blogger so stick with me.

Table of Contents

Setting Up The New Blog

1. Goto Blogger


This is the homepage I m getting at the time of writing this article, the homepage might not be the same at the time you are reading this article but the links will work exactly the same.

Click On Create “Your Blog”

3 Fill Out Details

2. Sign in using your Google Id

1 Signintogoogle

You can sign in using the email id you use on Gmail. The blog will be linked with the same user so make sure you sign in with the user id which you want your blog to get linked with.

I would recommend using your primary Google account as the account is active and must be linked to your mobile number, In case you forgot your password, it will be super easy to get your blog back.

3. Say “no thanks” to Google Domain Registration (For Now)

2 Google domain

Right now, you do not need a domain. You are just starting out so just try the platform once you become familiar with it then decide if you would like to go with the same platform or would like to migrate.

In most of the cases, bloggers migrate to a self-hosted blog which provides them extensive functionality.

4. Click on “Try the New Blogger” Button

4 Try new blog

Always use the latest and updated technology, as they are more secure and provides all the latest functionality.

5. View Your New Blog


Click on the “View Blog” Link to view your new blog, Congratulations on creating a beautiful blog!

It might look blank for now, Once we start posting articles it will look beautiful,

That is what we will be doing in our next article!

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