How To Do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon – Easy 4 Step Guide

how to do affiliate marketing with amazon

How to do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program provides us a platform to earn money online without any investment. If you can promote a product, Amazon will pay you a commission on every sale.
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What Do You Need?

How to do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon?

1. Create or Find a Post

Here I have a WordPress Blog Post on OnePlus 7 Pro, I want to promote this product. This is just a sample post that I’ll be deleting afterward so forgive me for post quality, please 🙂

Affiliate Marketing - Meet Mehra Blog

You can see here it’s a normal WordPress post, With A picture and A “call to action” button,

A Call to Action Button is crucial for any page it takes the user to the desired and planned Page, here we want our readers or users to land on Amazon’s product page via our “Call to Action” Button.

So, When a user clicks on the “Buy Now” button they will be taken to Amazon’s product page and the link we paste behind that “buy now” button will make sure to register the transaction under our tracking id so that we earn commission on this successful purchase.

2. Register on Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Register on Amazon Affiliate Program by clicking on the link here.
If you have an Amazon account already use it, or else create an account.
It might look complicated but just read and fill up accordingly, most of the things can be changed later.

You can put your name in the field of Tracking Id.

But make sure you put your website or blog address correctly, yes you have to provide your blog address, also there will be an option of mobile app address – leave it empty.

So once you complete your registration I will meet you on the other side.

3. Enable SiteStripe

2 SiteStripe 1

Once you are logged in navigate to Tools > SiteStripe.

Once you are in the SiteStripe Page > Click On Learn More

You will find Information on the SiteStripe Tool. You should read about it.

SiteStripe will add a bar on the top of every product page. This bar will give you the affiliate link of the product you want to promote.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it, you will get it soon as you implement it on your own blog.

3 Sitestripe enable

Make sure the Display Status is Enabled.

And below you will find two more tick boxes named “Get Link” And “Share” by default they are Checked If you find them Unchecked go ahead and check them.

4 AmazonProductPage
how to do affiliate marketing with amazon

A drop-down box will appear where you will find the affiliate link, Copy that link, the link is connected with your tracking id so don’t worry you will get your commissions.

You have the affiliate link copied and ready to be pasted on the Call to Action Button, I hope you have made your Call to Action button already.

A Call to Action button can be a text, an image, or a dedicated button.

Let’s go back to our WordPress Post,

6 Linkicon 1

Select the Call to Action Button, in my case it is the text “Buy Now” And the thumbnail-sized picture “Buy Now”.

Select the text where you would like to insert the link and click on the insert link icon.

A window will Pop-UP like this,

PAste link

Paste the URL we have copied earlier in the URL Fiel given

Make sure to tick the box which says “Open link in a new tab”

At the end click on Add Link

Do same with the Thumbnail-seized “Buy Now” Picture,

Select the picture > Click on the Insert link icon > Pop- Up window appears

Add linkto image
7 Linkaddedtoiamge 1

Paste the URL that we have copied earlier, Check the box to open the link in new tab, Click on save, Done!

Congratulations! We did it!

Now you can visit your website and check if the “Call to Action” button that we made works or not, simply click on the button or text and it should take you to Amazon’s Product Page, Make sure it opens in a new tab as you don’t want your reader to leave your blog.

So that is how to do affiliate marketing with Amazon

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There are various advanced tools that can be used to integrate Affiliation Links in blog posts, I’ll write on Advance Affiliate Marketing soon.

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Comment below if you got stuck somewhere in the process,
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