How to Install WordPress Theme in 5 minutes

Install Wordpress Theme

Let’s Install WordPress theme to our website!

You can install WordPress theme in two ways, through WordPress or manually uploading them to the FTP server, in this article we will use the first method that is using WordPress U/I.

In the last article, we’ve made our website which looks like this,

Meet Mehra Blog | How to Install wordpress themes

This doesn’t look attractive to me, I’m sure it’s not usable as well, So basically we have to design and customize the website to make it :

  • Attractive
  • Functional/Usable
  • Optimized (Mobile/Desktop)
  • User Friendly

If you haven’t read my previous post, I highly recommend you to go and read that post here

I will tell you right now this article is really easy but depends on your degree of customization of how much time it will cost you. So without wasting any more time lets install WordPress theme to our website.

1. Installation Process

1. First, we will visit our dashboard.

To go to your dashboard, you have to add “/wp-admin” at the end of your website address.

So, If my website is,

My dashboard address will be >> >>>

If you still couldn’t get it just copy my dashboard address and replace with your website address.

2. Dashboard Page

Meet Mehra Blog | How to Install wordpress themes

This is your dashboard or you can call it as Backend of your website, from here we will manage the website, to the left is the navigation menu. This menu has all the essential tools we will need to manage the website.

3. Goto Appearance > Themes > Add New

4. Search for “Moderne Hit Install then activate

Meet Mehra Blog | How to Install wordpress themes

Make sure after installing the theme you activate it if you did forget to do so, click on Appearance > Themes > Hover over Moderne them and hit activate-button that is a blue-colored one.

Meet Mehra Blog | How to Install wordpress themes
Meet Mehra Blog | How to Install wordpress themes

Here we’ve successfully installed WordPress theme, Half of our work is done here, but without customizing the theme our website will look terrible.

So the other half of the work is to customize the theme.

Customizing your theme is just like decorating a room, so everyone will have different styles and opinion,

I would suggest you play with the customizer until you learn how to use it well.

Till then let me show you how would I customize this website my way.

2. Customization

1. Now go to Appearance > Customize

This is the customization page of the theme, here at the left sidebar you will all the customization option available for the particular theme.

Every theme will have its own customization panel that will vary from theme to theme. Also, every theme offers different kinds of customizations.

For example, Astra is a very powerful theme which is highly customizations giving the user various customization options.

Screenshot 20 e1599001573567

2. Click on Theme Option And select layout

Meet Mehra Blog | How to Install wordpress themes


Blog Layout – Default with Left & Right sidebar
We’ve selected this layout so that in the future we can place widgets and ads on either side of our blog.
Page Layout – Single with Right Side Bar
We’ve selected this layout for the page so that we can place ads and widgets on the right side of our post page to keep the visitor engaged.

>>>Hit the blue button of “Publish” <<<

3. Go back And select Slider Options

If you’re wondering how to go back to the main menu scroll up in this menu you will find this sign “<“ besides customizing click on that.
Once you click on “Slider option” You will be here:

Meet Mehra Blog | How to Install wordpress themes

Check on “Show Slider” and go back to the main menu.

The Slider won’t show up just now but as you start publishing your post it will be generated with all your recent posts make sure you set a featured image for every post so that image will appear on your slider.

Stay tuned as I will make an easy guide on how to properly create a post.

>>>Hit the blue button of “Publish”<<<

4. Goto Widgets And Remove All of them

Just click on every widget it will open up and you’ll see an option “remove” at the bottom of the widget. Check the picture below:

Meet Mehra Blog | How to Install wordpress themes

Now Add only Two Widget, One on each side
1. Moderne Recent Post
2. Search

Reference picture:

Meet Mehra Blog | How to Install wordpress themes

>>>At the end hit that blue button of “Publish”<<<

Visit Your Site It will look much better now!

Now you know how to Install WordPress themes!

So stay tuned as in the next article we will learn how to add a new post in WordPress.

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